Section scripty2 ui


  • S2.CSS: functions for CSS parsing, color normalization and CSS value interpolation.
  • S2.UI: User interface patterns that can be used to build components and page behaviours on top of it.


  • S2.UI.Mixin.Configurable

    A mixin for hassle-free blending of default options with user-defined options.

  • S2.UI.Mixin.Element

    Provides a few convenience methods for widgets that map easily to a single element.

  • S2.UI.Mixin

    Reusable mixins for user interface elements.

  • S2.UI.Multitouch

    Multitouch extensions. The manipulate:update event is fired when an element is "manipulated", which means when it is panned, scaled or rotated. Consumers of this event do not need to worry about how the system determines if a manipulation takes place.

  • S2.UI.Mixin.Shim

    Provides an implementation of a "shim" for Internet Explorer 6. On that browser, some elements (like SELECT boxes) do not adhere to vertical CSS order rules or setting z-index, because they are rendered as an OS "window", which is always above all other elements.

  • S2.UI.Mixin.Trackable

  • S2.UI

    This is the main user interface namespace.