class S2.FX.Queue


Effect queues manage the execution of effects in parallel or end-to-end over time.

Instance methods

  • active #

    S2.FX.Queue#active() -> Boolean

    Returns whether there are any effects currently running or queued up.

  • add #

    S2.FX.Queue#add(effect) -> S2.FX.Queue

    Add an effect to the queue. The effects' options can optionally contain a position option that can be either parallel (the effect will start immediately) or end (the effect will start when the last of the currently-queued effects ends). Returns the Queue.

    fires: effect:queued

  • getEffects #

    S2.FX.Queue#getEffects() -> Array

    Returns an array of any effects currently running or queued up.

  • remove #

    S2.FX.Queue#remove(effect) -> S2.FX.Queue
    • effect (S2.FX.Base) – Effect to be removed from the Queue.

    Removes an effect from the Queue and destroys the effect. Returns the Queue.

    fires: effect:dequeued

  • render #

    S2.FX.Queue#render(timestamp) -> S2.FX.Queue
    • timestamp (Date) – Timestamp given to the individual effects' render methods.

    Renders all effects that are currently in the Queue. Returns the Queue.