class Object


Extensions to the built-in Object object.

Class methods

  • deepExtend #

    Object.deepExtend(destination, source) -> Object

    A "deep" version of Object.extend. Performs a recursive deep extension.

  • propertize #

    Object.propertize(property, object) -> Object
    • property (String | Object) – item or name of item
    • object (Object) – namespace in which to look for named item

    If property is a string, finds it in the provided object. Otherwise returns property.

    Object.propertize(S2.FX.Transitions.sinusoidal, S2.FX.Transitions) -> S2.FX.Transitions.sinusoidal
    Object.propertize('sinusoidal', S2.FX.Transitions) -> S2.FX.Transitions.sinusoidal